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Accomplish Anything

Have you ever come to a fork in the road where you are faced with an obstacle yet truly feel that you cannot achieve or overcome the experience? There are times we actual limit our abilities to complete tasks that are set out in front of us. We meet up with a situation that seems too difficult to complete...above our heads, so to speak. Could this possibly be a situation where you cannot complete a task simply because your mind tells you that you cannot?

Is it not important that you rise to the occasion and meet the challenge head on, without resistance or a negative attitude? This could relate to almost anything that you meet up with in life. Sometimes the challenge can be overwhelming and other times, you just are not overly confident that you can resolve the challenge or obstacle that stands in front of you.

Believing in your self is always the first step; then taking the initiative to move forward without reserve is the next step forward. If it is something that you have not attempted before (providing it serves you and/or others in a positive way) then why not give it a go. If fear of failure is what is standing in the way of your taking life by the horns, understand that it is better to have tried and failed than to have regrets later that you did not try.

The mind can obscure and distort reality yet we can push ourselves beyond our mind telling us we “cannot”. With courage, you do not have to follow the mind’s intent if it does not suit a positive purpose. Do not let negative feedback hold you back from accomplishing anything in life. Put negativity in its proper place. Allow it to protect you from danger but put it behind you and move forward with your objectives with confidence when it is only fear of failure.

If you fail to achieve what you set out to do or fall short, then at least you gave it your all. You can feel confident knowing that at least you tried. Perhaps with some tweaking, another attempt will provide you with that achievement that you are aiming for. Do not give in without a fight! Try again a little later. Perhaps this time you will have more resolve and will achieve what you could not do previously. This is often what it takes to break the habit of fear that has been allowed to grow over the years. A perfect of example to push you to keep trying is the act of quitting smoking.

When you set out to accomplish something, do so with a positive attitude. If you start half-heartedly and tell yourself you will “try”, that is all you will accomplish is a “try”. Start out knowing you will “do”. The result will be a job well “done”.

As you gain strength and resolve, the mind or ego starts to shift and the negative attitude will weaken. The negative mind becomes a defiant child instead of an overruling tyrant.

You CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as you believe in yourself. Once you have accomplished what you set out to do, you will gain strength and wisdom from the adventure. Hard lessons and difficult conditions when met head-on will provide you with the knowledge that you can succeed and conquer even the most difficult circumstances that life can throw at you.

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