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Acknowledgement of Our Abilities

As you begin acknowledging your abilities whatever they may be, it is important to follow through with these thoughts. In other words, do not deny these abilities. Provide them with the proper foundation so they can grow and flourish. You will start to notice these abilities are developing but will hesitate to accept them. Some of us may feel unworthy. Some of us just cannot believe what is happening and will dismiss our abilities over and over again. Our God given talents are not going to go away so we might as well explore them. They will continue reminding us of their presence with some frequency even when our mind tells us that they cannot exist.

These abilities and talents are real, and we should allow the intentions to set in and accept the fact that this is happening. Our mind or egos tends to interfere. They will try to deny these and to rule them as impossible or not meant for us. If we can push ourselves beyond the limitations of our minds, we can create a sustained feeling and comfort level. We are ready for this so we must believe in ourselves. It would not be happening unless the timing was right, so allow yourself to pursue all enlightening conditions in your life.

This is part of the unfolding process and those of us that are ready will begin to capture these innate qualities although they seem new and foreign to us. In reality, they have been dormant just waiting for the appropriate moment to be released and be put into force once again. These talents do not make us special in any way. Everyone has these abilities within. Now is the time to open up to these channels once again.

We each have our own unique part to play in the overall formulation of events taking hold throughout our world. We all hold key ingredients that foster growth not only for us but also for all those who surround us.

We do not have to explain these qualities for they simply will just emanate from us. Of course there are many other individuals that we meeting in our journey that are in similar consciousness levels. We can share our insights and practice these new found abilities with each other. Acknowledgement of our abilities and sharing all that we can in these adventures will enhance these abilities even more. We just need to practice our gifts and apply them as often as possible. The talents will then have no other direction to go other than further enhancement.

Remember your innate connection with spirit within your own personal world. The natural steps that we make in our progression and advancement during our journey is more and more apparent the further we allow ourselves to go and develop. Disregard the mind’s interference and understand that it stems from ego which has no part of the true you. When we become inept at shutting off the interference, the door gradually opens wider and more information is allowed passage. It is about trust and belief. Trust in life’s process and remain open to all possibilities.


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