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When you acknowledging your abilities, whatever they may be, it is important to understand that although they may now appear to be surfacing, they have always been there but have only been lying dormant. Provide them with the proper nurturing so they can bloom and bear fruit.

Many of us may notice these abilities surfacing but are hesitant to accept them. Some may feel unworthy, some just cannot believe that it is happening to them and will dismiss them over and over again. Under most circumstance, these abilities are not going to go away no matter how you deny them. It is time to accept and explore these avenues of expression.

Are you ready? Of course you are. The mind may interfere vehemently. The ego will try to stifle these new concepts and abilities. It will try to rule them as ideologies that you are simply not capable of handling. If you can push yourself beyond these ego limitations, you can create an acceptable level of comfort. You are ready for this whether you believe it or not. It would not be happening unless the timing was right. Allow yourself to pursue these seeming far reaching abilities now surfacing in your life.

This is part of the unfolding process. In reality these abilities have been waiting for the appropriate moment to be released. They are far from being foreign to you. There is also no need to justify these abilities as they do not make you special in any way. Everyone can tap into these. Their appearance simply signifies that you are now in the proper mind frame and can open up to these channels.

Everyone has their own unique part to play. We all hold key ingredients that foster growth not only for each of us as individuals but for all those we touch in life.

We will attract others the share our experiences and understanding. We can share our insight and sharpen our abilities. Their acknowledgement will enhance these abilities.

Reminder yourself of your spiritual connection to all in life, and in particular, to your own personal world. Disregard the minds interference and understand that this stems from ego. It is not part of the true you. When you become accustom to shutting off this interference, the door to understanding will opens wider. Trust and believe!

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