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Anger is an extreme discharge of emotion, without harnessed filters. Anger usually rears its head at the most crucial point of a discussion or event and if we were to take a moment to review what is transpiring, we would be able to think more rationally, restrain ourselves and find a more productive solution.

Is anger an ego emotion?

Does our anger define us?

I believe the secret to controlling our anger is to recognize our personal triggers and telltale responses that lead up to our allowing anger. Is anger inevitable when we reach a point in our emotional response?

We eventually have to take responsibility for our own actions no matter what has lead up to the event. We cannot blame anyone for our own reactions to events or statements, even if it seems as though they provoked us and caused us to act in these ways.

We, as humans, must take responsibility for all of our physical form reactions, but our inner core, our spiritual self would not react in anger. Are our angered reactions then are a result of our damaged ego? Our reaction is always a choice and if this is true, there cannot be a point of no return. It is a choice to continue. It takes a strong, focused individual, under some circumstances, to allow certain actions or statements to pass them by without an angered response. The more we practice self-control, the easier it becomes. When we are in alignment with our spiritual selves, anger, violent behaviours and acts of hostility just do not fit.

We are spiritual by nature. Our inner core is a match with the energy of source. If we find ways of releasing tension through acts of kindness and compassion, we perfectly line up with source. Beyond a doubt, it can be difficult and very few individuals reach this state on a constant basis.

In reality, no one can hurt us emotionally without our permission. Reach beyond the confines of knee jerk reaction, which would includes anger, and you will find your true sense of self. It CAN be done. With practice, you may question why you ever responded in anger.

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