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Acts of Kindness

Do you carry out acts of kinds as an automatic response or is it necessary for you to purposely push yourself to show kindness to another? In the end, does it matter if you are driven or if the action is automatic? The importance is the outcome.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what the influence of your random acts of kindness may have been for the individuals they were directed at?........or how many unseen, countless others?

Many acts of kindness are similar to watching a ripple of water made from a boat on a quiet, calm lake. The wake from the boat, no matter how small, will continue on its path until it reaches the other side of the lake. The reaction from a small act of kindness is very similar. The act does not have to be something enormous to have a rolling impact. These wonderful, random acts come from the heart and more often than not there is no expectation of anything in return.

Should we not then live our lives in this fashion? Should we not offer random acts of kindness--through in whatever form suits you in that moment?

Even though this act may seem insignificant to you, this has little bearing on its impact as it continues across the proverbial lake. There is no telling where it may end up. Perhaps all one needs is a smile or a “Have a good day”. You are planting a seed within that person. Even the smallest of seeds can mature into a mighty tree.

There may be someone out there who needs the seeds of your action. Never rule this out. It IS so very possible. Spread the joy of life by living it to the fullest and acknowledging the fact that you have life, each and every day.

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