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Some of us find it a little challenging to be part of our spiritual awakening and yet be part of the material world. So many live out their entire lives simply existing, attached to ego and gathering things. Money becomes a prime focus and life is wrapped around trying to obtain happiness through security.

Most discover that no matter how fat their wallets become, something is still missing in their life. Happiness based on material abundance is very temporary and the satisfaction which is expected never seems to be reached or maintained. Life becomes a frantic search for more.....for something else.

Happiness is not obtained through financial security or through any monetary means but happiness is experienced from within. True, lasting happiness cannot be bought but can be experienced from a deeper place. We are beginning to understand this concept.

Although we recognize that we are on a spiritual journey, linked with all living things, it can be challenging when many of us feel as though we have no one to talk that would understands our journey. We may feel alone in our pursuits and most individuals we are emotionally close to would not understand our beliefs and concepts. Somehow we feel left alone to explore these areas on our own.

We also are beginning to understand that once we open the door to this higher internal dialogue, closing the door back up again is virtually impossible (not that we would ever want to). Once opened to this way of life, it is impossible to return to what once was.

There are many groups of like-minded individuals that gather and share their thoughts. In reality, there is no need to feel alone. As you open this door, you will notice more and more that others share your ideas and focus. Due to your own personal state of awakening, you recognize and draw to you those of like-mind.

Do not be in a hurry, for this journey is one of exploration. If we hurray we will miss part of the beauty of the experience which would include everyday living. Our earthy experience certainly has its place in this process.

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