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We always have choices and there are always alternative viewpoints which we can either choose to ignore or choose to accept. We can honour our principles, although these principles are subject to change as we mature and evolve.

We are never at the mercy of life although certainly there are times when events take place that are completely out of our control. We do, however, always have choices as to what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for our greater good. We have choices in our attitude towards anything in life and these choices we make will affect our future.

Most of us move continually towards our objectives base on our life’s principles (with the odd side step and stagger occasionally). We adapt and we mold ourselves in ways that clearly define us to others, but more importantly our principles clearly define who we are to ourselves. We can form opinions and decisions based on these principles which are forged over time and we take on the ones that suit us within this current moment, therefore some of these are subject to change as we evolve. Isn’t that was evolution is all about – adapting and growing.

The basic principles we adhere to are reflected in our expression of compassion, our expression of faith, our state of peace and joy and the list goes on.

As we evolve, if we are open, we notice part of our earthly selves or attitude could and would benefit from adjustments or even removal. We can begin to realize tendencies towards envy, anger, violence, obstruction and ego generated attitudes that we have taken on, without notice, as life unfolds. To release some of these may be challenging to say the least as we believe them to be a part of who we are. Once we stop identifying with them, however, it becomes much easier to shake them off.

Our goal is to accept what we see in ourselves in the moment without identifying with each characteristic as being a part of who we are.

We can strive to live up to all that we feel is desirable and let our true inner core radiate outward through our loving expression towards all things.

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