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Adjustment Call

There are times in life when the signals get crossed and our judgements can be clouded. This could pertain to many of life’s issues and even our judgement of others which we unfortunately form from lack of full information or by misinterpreting events.

I am sure you have heard it said that we should never judge others unless we have walked a mile in their shoes. Even if we have walked a mile in their shoes, we still should forego the judgement. We will never be aware of their full life’s circumstances and will never be able to understand their life’s experiences from their point of view.

We can never imagine someone else’s elation or their sorrow. There are far too many variables for someone else to understand the complexities that have been influencing them over many years. What kind of experiences have they had in life and how often have they been abused or mistreated? What are they going through on a regular basis and how does their mind react to these conditions?

Frequently early childhood experiences set the stage for our response to interpersonal relationships and our way of responding to events and people. Physical and emotional abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse by loved ones leave lasting impressions on developing minds if these events and the emotions they create are not discussed and released.

Each and every one of us have core reasons for our behavior and even a hard day at work or challenging conditions with the children can influence the way we respond to events throughout our day.

With this in mind, how can we possibly judge others on their personality traits, their reactions or responses?

We should take the time to make the effort to study our own personal responses to events. These are the actions that we have control over and can change if need be. Our expectations of others are truly unrealistic and simply set us up for disappointment and anguish. If we cannot control our own responses at times throughout life, how can we place expectations on others?

If you are looking for compassion and understanding from others, set the example without expectation. Your own reaction to events can either stirs up more of what it is you do not want or it can start a new focus of love and forgiveness.

Our reaction to life events and our interaction with others is a personal choice. We have the option of making a decision that provides positive outcomes or positive alternatives under any conditions. The next time we experience ego interference, stop for a moment. Offer the energy conducive to support, peace and enlightenment towards this individual. They in turn can use this positive reaction to assist in lifting them out of their place of confusion or frustration.

If your offering is not utilized and this person allows themselves to continue on their stressful path, do not judge. Send love their way; turn away and remove yourself from their choices. Their actions are their choice; your reactions are yours.

Bring this awareness to the surface and realize your true purpose.

“To love a man enough to help him, you have to forfeit the warm, self-righteous glow that comes from judging.” ― Ron Hall

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