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In a world filled with judgement and adversity and ravaged by those that control through fear and twisted truths, how do you continue to allow our true, loving self to shine through?

How do we balance the energies of the world with love and compassion over acts that inflict great pain and hatred?

What is your part?

Amongst the turmoil, no, especially during the turmoil allow you love, compassion and peace to shine through. In your little corner of the world, bring good and the reminder to those struggling that they have the power to prevail.

Bring peace through peace. Grow love through giving love. We cannot fight pain by causing pain. Creating pain only intensifies the lash back for those that initiated the pain as they feel justified in their actions. Hate promotes hate.

Fighting battles through love is not a sign of defeat. You are not giving in to those that promote pain by standing your ground through acts of kindness and love. You are proving the strength of love and compassion.

Be that agent of love; be the example of peace. Plant one seed at a time.

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