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Ages 39 - Second Node Return in Astrology

At age 39, we mark the second return of the nodes to their Natal (birth) position. This is an important life cycle spiritually, as metaphorically the nodes are representative of our soul’s journey. There are two nodes, each exactly opposite the other. They are referred to as the north and south nodes. The south node speaks of our last incarnation and indicates what we have brought with us into this life. These characteristics can assist us but they can also hinder us, depending on how we use the inherent knowledge that we have brought over from our past.

The north node is indicative of what we have come into this life to develop and bring into fruition. The north node characteristics are completely new to us - very unfamiliar territory. Sometimes the course we take in this life in order to fill our soul’s requirements can be difficult. We often have some degree of resistance toward anything new, but life will bring to surface incidents that can enhance the need to grow and push us in the intended direction.

At the time of the second nodal return, it is as if a gateway has been reopened and we are re-acquainted with our commitment, but this time on a much more mature level. The previous return happened about the age of 19 and this period introduced us to adulthood. From the time of our Saturn return (age 29) until now, we have been re-visiting our purpose but mostly on a sub-conscious level. Now in entering this new cycle, we are reviewing our internal vows and making adjustments consciously. We are about to embark on the maturing phase of these proposed ventures. This cycle awakens our spiritual quest and the soul’s ongoing climb to mold with our conscious mind and our intended path or enlightenment.

Spiritually, we are entering into a phase when one feels compelled to pursue a course of action that appeals to our transcendent mission. Many feel a strong push in this direction. Even if they are not aware of which direction to take; there is a sense of urgency. This period releases us to our purpose which has been held primarily internally in the subconscious self. The process for most of us is unhurried and for some even tedious, as there is a feeling that something is happening and an awakening is taking place, but it moves very slowly.

The next return at around 57 produces much more significant results as throughout this process we are becoming awakened to the real purpose of our mission. During the time around the age 58 we also enter our second Saturn Return which follows along the same path as our first return experience at about the age 29.

As you can see there are great internal factors at work and as internal changes take hold, external change is usually a by-product. There is a greater sense of destiny with this nodal return, and along with the solidification that Saturn offers, you will get a clearer picture of the purpose of this incarnation. We will discuss this 50’s time frame at a later date.

Suffice to say the door has been opened and through meditation and an acknowledgement of a greater purpose than that of our earthly existence, we move steadily toward our intended path.

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