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Ages 54 - 57 in Astrology

Anyone between the ages of 54-57 are now entering the stage of maturity and the ignorance of youth has faded. You are beginning to see yourself as an integrated whole and no longer just as an extension of others. You are becoming more clear of who you are as an individual and are comfortable enough that what others think is not that important anymore. You are who you are and that is just fine.

This is a stage when you are more concerned about life itself than trying to living up to other people’s expectations. You are forming relationships that make you whole. You have come to a point where you basically know yourself and are liberated with this knowledge. Relationships still have a place in your heart, some even deeper than anything experienced previously, but you can rid yourself of unwanted or draining relationships if this is what you need to do. This is not to say that you have become cold or uncaring; quite the opposite. You are beginning to understand what it is that you need and will form more meaningful relationships in order to build on this.

This period is all about self-fulfillment and self-honesty. If you have been working well within these boundaries and living your life through generosity and love, you are well on your way to a more rewarding and a satisfying life. You are on your way to the second Saturn return and you undoubtedly remember your first Saturn return around the age of 30, when you experienced life’s events to the fullest and matured immensely after going through a period of transformation on many levels.

There are several astrological factors that are in affect during this time period. You will be experiencing the second progressed lunar return, which in short speaks of emotionally coming of age. You will also be going through the Uranus trine Uranus transit, which is usually accompanied with excitement and the beginning of something new. Neptune is also in trine to its natal position, helping you gain a more realistic point of view on where your life is heading. For many, Pluto is also making a trine to its natal position which could be termed as a transformational life period when we taps into our true core. You are also going through the third nodal return at this time which is directed towards a reorientation within and a clearer focus on life’s direction.

These astrological transformations taking place during this time frame usually signify a deep transformations taking place on many different levels. Explaining these fluctuations is basically impossible to put into words in such a short post, but you now have an idea why life is going through changes on so many levels.

Enjoy the transformations taking place in your life and prepare for the next major transition to unfold as you enter the last few years of your fifties. This marks the beginning of the second Saturn return. Many at this age will experience huge transformations. Some contemplate retirement while others begin something new. One thing is for certain, this will be a fruitful time and everything begins to materialize and gather momentum as you move towards this second Saturn return.

This is a high point in life and you are entering into what many call “the awakening of self” period in life. Stay tuned to the higher frequencies that exist in life and enjoy your unfolding.


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