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Around the ages of 67 to 70, we will experience first square of Saturn to itself after the Saturn return which would have been experienced around the ages of 58 to 60. Squares are always challenging and this square marks a turning point in life when we can understand the relative state of the body and its functions. Physical aging is now apparent but not necessarily great. We generally accepted the aging process by this stage. Dreams that we may have had that could be categorized as “reaching” are now recognized as such and we no longer hold on to anything that does not hold relevance in life. This can be painful for some of us, but by now we have been through many things in life. Letting go of a dream that is no longer attainable when utilizing the wisdom we have attained over the years make it far less challenging. We are also provided with help from the quincunx of transiting Neptune to its birth position.

Much of the ease of life depends on whether we have taken a hard stance in life or if we have learned to go with the flow. By now we should have learned to acknowledge our boundaries and our body no longer works seamlessly. Yes, we are aging, but we can do so graciously.

Inner beauty is far more important than our outward appearance. We should always rely on what makes us unique as an individual. We should by now have found our true identity which rocks compassion not only for others, but also for self.

By this age, we hopefully are no longer searching for self and are comfortable with whom we truly are. We realize that the most important opinion we should seek is our own. Many at this age feel exuberant and alive although the limits of the body are apparent, but acceptable. Some of us develop illnesses and our bodies remind us of the repetitive or hard work we have carried out over our lives but the extent of these experiences can certain depends greatly on our attitude. We are more aware of these subtle workings and pay attention to our thought processes and our attitude far more than we did previously.

We are beginning to master life’s intricacies and few would call us foolish for we have, to a great extent if we have cared to engross ourselves in self study, learned most of the angles to help us though life. This is a time for inner reflection rather than outer appeal. Philosophy becomes more of an interest. We have the opportunity to read more and spend time learning topics that truly interest us, for the mind is forever young.

At this age, we are living from a more relaxed state of being and we have learned not to take life quite so seriously. We have reached a stage of maturity that many long for. We have a greater understanding, more appreciation for life’s gifts, large and small, and we have a joy for the simple things in life.

We are not old at this age but we are mature and it is a wonderful experience.

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