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As we sift our way through life and its many experiences, try not to get lost in the events and appearances. Often there is a need to go beneath the surface to discover the true meaning of what stands in front of you. Many of us live on the surface of what appears to be solid information. What we don’t understand is that solid facts are in the eyes of the beholder. We control what we allow ourselves to see and more often than not we should be willing to explore a little deeper. Remember however we will only comprehend as deep as we are capable of understanding in this moment.

We are not to explore the surface of life’s experiences for the true understanding and beauty will be missed. What we are to explore lies just beneath the surface yet not buried so deep that it cannot be discovered. If we choose to explore, many meanings are easily attainable. Truth is available to everyone.

Challenge yourself to go deeper. What can this effort reveal?

Be reflective and don’t get swallowed up by what is presented to you on the surface. There is always greater meaning to what takes place although sometimes what you see is what you get and we complicate matters denying what is in front of us.

There is usually an upside with everything, but we have to choose to see an experience in this light. In many cases something positive can easily find its way to you if you are open to that possibility.

Don’t be swept away by fear and anxiety. Let love guide your way to true understanding.

We are never at the mercy of life, although we can most certainly be swept up by what feels to be a relentless bombardment when we focus on the less than positive aspects. We always have choices to make and how we look at life often dictates what comes next.

Always keep the candle of love lit to light you way, no matter how bewildering life looks. Always maintain a belief that there is purpose behind every action and that something viable is always being taught to us.

Live in the moment and let the moment envelop you.

Stay alert and focused. Do not over think life events and yet be sure to dig for the truth whatever that may look like.

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