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If you stop for a minute and take in all that surrounds you daily, what is it that stimulates you in the direction you are going with life?

Do you have a specific desire to make things happen the way you want them too?

Do you live your life for others or is this life self-directed?

Have you found something you want to share?

Are you in a place that you can share these things?

So again, I ask, what makes you push forward in your life?

Do you really want life to direct you or are you the director of your own personal journey?

Are you being directed from a higher source and are you following this advice?

It is great to feel on purpose and in line with your objectives. It is also good to recognize that you are also being assisted from a higher source and that the direction being offered is always for your higher good.

If you live your life for others and always put yourself last, perhaps this feels righteous, but is this for your general good?

Should you always place others ahead of you?

Your goal when it comes to helping others is to help them achieve a state of happiness, but if you are not happy yourself how can you lead by example?

You have to help yourself first and when you are finding that little place of heaven in your own mental outlook, then perhaps you will be ready to assist others in reaching the same.

If you find peace within yourself then indeed you have something of great value to share. You cannot create peace for others but you can give them a helping hand so that they too can find peace within themselves. The helping hand you extend will then not only benefit others, but will enhance your life’s experience as well.

Your first objective has to be tied to you. You must bring yourself to the state that you want for others before you can show them the way. You cannot feed someone from an empty cupboard.

Remember who you are on a deep personal level. Remove the shackles of ego. Be sure to differentiate between ego and self. They are not the same. Recognize and release that part of ego which only obscures our visions and leads us to places that does not bring peace.

Decide to be happy and at peace as it can only come from within. After that, you can be the message. You are the message.

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