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We all search for ways to alleviate pressure/stress from life. Our experience can be challenging when life presents us with many difficult lessons. We can become anxious and worry about outcomes. We can become stifled and feel lost if we lose focus.

Taking back control by accepting responsibility is step one. We cannot however take responsibility for someone else’s actions only our response to their actions. We walk our road, and if we allow it can easily be influenced by the actions of others. Look closely and recognize what is yours to own and allow others to own their own.

In moving forward in this manner, we can begin to alleviate stress. We accept our part in the ongoings and know that others are responsible for their own. If their actions affected us, we can move beyond this and not own it. Their actions reflect them not us.

If we need to forgive ourselves for our actions, we can move forward with this as well. Letting go after careful review is essential. Holding on for any longer than needed to process, repairs nothing and often brings on more hurt, worry or anxiety.

In many cases no one else can alleviate life’s pressure although speaking to someone with knowledge on how to handle these situations is often helpful but ultimately it is you that takes the action to solve any issue. They provide you with tools, but these tools must be used, or they serve no purpose.

Realize you are much stronger than you think. Hidden strength is realized from taking the first step to emotional independence. It is always in our hands to activate energies that will propel us forward. There is always assistance available, and the major source of this assistance comes from within.

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