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Are you comfortable being you?

Did your answer come from your mind or your inner self?

There is a difference. Did you hear the quiet deep answer?

There are many who live their lives as prisoners to what others want them to be. Some live completely dedicated to other people’s wants and needs. Some hardly know who they are because they have become too busy living other’s expectations. They have forgotten what they need and how to fulfill these needs.

Have you come into this life to be a servant to other people’s wishes or are you here to direct and live the life your soul requires (which can certainly include a higher calling of service to others)?

You cannot feed the masses if the cupboard is bare. Choices should include all factors containing your own requirements regardless of what others may think. You have needs, you have a voice, and you matter.

When you realize it is a perfect choice to be you, you can be your true self regardless of differing opinions. You can never be happy or content pretending to be something you are not.

Be you! There is no one better to be. You are denying everyone your uniqueness when you are not being authentically you.

You have come into this life to express self, to acknowledge self and to grow self. How can you do this if you are not being“self”?

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