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Do you feel comfortable being exactly who you are?

Did you hear an answer from your inner self or from your mind(or both)?

There is a difference. In many cases one voice is a lot more subdued than the other. The quiet voice is from within and the much louder voice is that of the mind.

Over time, however, and with recognition, the inner voice begins to get more audible although not in volume. We begin to hear through realization of the inner voice’s intent.

For most people, they live a life that they believe other people expect them to live. Will you heed the quiet deep voice or will you go on living a life to suits the opinions of others?

There are many individuals who are prisoners to what others want them to be. Some live a life completely dedicated to other people’s wants and expectations. Some hardly even know who they are because they have become so engulfed in everyone else’s expectations. They have forgotten what they need and how to bring these requirements to life.

Have you come into this life to be a servant to other people’s expectations or are you here to direct your own life and live the life that will facilitate your growth (which can certainly include a higher calling of service to others but one that can still honour self)?

You cannot feed the masses if the cupboards are bare.

Your choices have to including your own requirements, regardless of what others might think.

You have a voice and you truly matter.

To be clear, we are not speaking directly about helping others because many of us have come into this existence to learn the value of helping and being of assistance in some way. You cannot, however, live your life because someone else expects you to do this and do that. You live your life because what you do fulfills your higher purpose.

When you realize there is no other person that suits your “being” more perfectly than yourself, you then can begin to live and be fulfilled regardless of others’ differing opinions. You can never be happy or content pretending to be something you are not.

Be yourself. There is no one else better to be.

Why would you want to be something that you are not?

You have come into this life to experience self, to understand self and to grow. How can you do this if you are not “self”?

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