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Do you feel comfortable being exactly who you are? What is your answer? Did you hear an answer from your inner self or from your mind? There is a difference you know. Will you heed the quiet deep answer or will you go on living a life to suits others?

There are many individuals who are prisoners to what others want them to be. Some live a life completely dedicated to other people’s wants and needs. Some hardly even know who they are because they have become so wrapped up in living up to everyone’s expectations. They have forgotten what they need and how to bring these needs to life.

Have you come into this life to be a servant to other people’s needs or are you here to direct your own life and live the life you want (which can certainly include a higher calling of service to others)? You cannot feed the masses if the cupboards are bare. Choose based on all requirements including your own, regardless of what you might think others may feel. You have a voice and you matter. Of course you can help those in need. Of course you will be there when someone asks for your assistance, but you must also be there to fulfill your own wants and needs.

When you realize it is perfect to be just who you are, you can be your true self regardless of differing opinions. You can never be happy or content pretending to be something you are not.

Be yourself. There is no one better to be. Why would you want to be anyone else? You have come into this life to express self, to acknowledge self and to grow self. How can you do this is you are not “self”?

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