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Certain forms of anger and violence seem to be accepted forms of expression in our modern culture. It is normal to hear about domestic violence and abuse within families. Abuse has changed forms in many homes and although the general tone has certainly lessoned from our past cultures, anger is still exhibited on a regular basis. In modern society, rage and violence are expressed as a result of the most simple of acts from being in check-out lines, on our roadways, in sporting events, even when watching TV.

Why does this seem acceptable coming from young children, adults that are looked up to, people in prominent, public positions and the list goes on?

It is said that holding in our anger can cause dangerous physical health issues. It is important to deal with our emotions in a healthy and beneficial way. We should take the time needed to find ways to deal with our anger during times that we are not heated. By doing so, we are prepared for those times when we are pushed beyond our limits and can react in a positive manner.

Exercise is an excellent release for stress. Mental exercises of control are also great exercises. We can learn to control our focus instead of concentrating on those events and things that have the capability to infuriating us. We can focus on what pleases us in life and not allow the anger to build in the first place. We make our choices. We choose to continue an argument (to prove we are right) and we can choose to walk away from an argument (for our own sanity’s sake). What value is there in winning the argument if we have lost our peace?

In many cases, arguments are simple about being correct and being recognized for your abilities. As a result, ego has reared its ugly head again.

Choose your battles wisely. If an argument or disagreement is not going to make the world a better place, there is great value in simply walking away. Most arguments cost us our peace, our enjoyment and even our health. These are expensive outcomes.

If someone becomes angry towards us, how can they continue in earnest if our response is loving and non-aggressive? In most cases it is very difficult for someone to become angry when the only thing that is generated towards them is love and caring. It is not being soft or showing weakness when we back off and address the issue through an expression of love. This attitude will strengthen our resolve and others will come to terms with the strength of this resolve. It is so much more draining and damaging to express anger and aggression than to express love and concern. Stand up for yourself when it is necessary, but find a more gentle manner that will get the job done. Love is always the best alternative.

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