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On January 20, 2023 the Sun moves into the Fixed, Air Sign of Aquarius. See our post from January 18 for a brief description of the energies of Aquarius.

T Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since mid-December, 2020 and will move into Pisces in March, 2023. Those with their Sun in the later degrees of Aquarius will be influenced by this conjunction of Saturn and their Sun. Those with their Sun in the earlier degrees have already been influenced by this.

The Sun deals with the progressive movement forward in our lives among other things. With Saturn in conjunction this will or has been a rather testing period especially for Aquarians with challenging aspects natally to their Sun. Sun in Aquarius wants to move away from anything that no longer serves a viable purpose and Saturn wants to hold on to what feels comfortable and familiar. This may be/have been a time for putting things into their proper place, replacing what needs changing and adhering to what still promotes growth through diligent effort and consistent application.

Saturn may restrict especially while in direct motion but when it was retrograde it may have assisted in a forward motion (unlike other planets in their retrograde motion). Personal changes may have taken hold plus more responsibility. These changes will likely have been necessary as you will discover after this transit has passed.

T Pluto will move into Aquarius early next year (2024) but its influence will likely be felt before this date. This will bring forth many major changes to those with their Sun in the early degrees of Aquarius, where something needs to end for something new to begin. There are no half measures with Pluto and its change and transformation is total although it usually takes some time to recognize why these energies were in place and how they will benefit you in the long haul. The house where your Sun is located and the aspects to it will determine how this all plays out. No matter what, be ready for change and disruption. Don’t resist. This is needed!

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