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It has been brought to our attention that there is a general misconception about the evolutionary state of some Astrology signs.

Is one Astrology sign more evolved than the next?

We have also been asked by individuals who believe in the potential of reincarnation if our spiritual being (the sum of what we are) follows any type of pattern as to which Astrology sun signs a soul would be born under in each lifetime?

In this Astrologer’s opinion (and I would appreciate further input from other Astrologers) there are no particular signs that hold a higher evolutionary path. This is not to say that an evolved Pisces or Sagittarius or even Aquarius might not seem more evolved spiritually during this incarnation than for example an unevolved Scorpio, or ego-oriented Aries. As suggested by this statement each sign carries with it a wide range of evolutionary characteristics and an evolved Aries could easily surpass an unevolved or even evolved Pisces if the Aries’ focus is on evolutionary development.

Some believe that we come into this life with a particular purpose and the North Node, our Sun Sign and Ascendant play a significant role in indicating this particular path. The other planetary positions add to this process and aid us in our evolutionary quest. Each individual has chosen a path found within the planetary energies regardless of the timeframe to teach them or activate some tool that can lead to the clearest path in resolving or identifying what that soul is in search of.

The soul may choose to come back in what may appear to be a complete state that lacks spiritual development and what appears to be a very primal stage but this state may be exactly what is needed to accomplish what this specific individual needs to experience to develop and grow. This does not mean that they are unevolved in a spiritual sense, only that it appears as though they are lacking development in this specific lifetime.

There are also those that appear evolved in this quest and are doing their part to assist others in their evolution. These very participatory individuals may be far less evolved than the previous individual just discussed.

As human beings, we undoubtedly do not understand what soul evolution truly is. We have a preconceived notion of what we believe. Some individuals seem to have reached this state of enlightenment in this life, but we are really at the mercy of our own beliefs and truly have limited knowledge to base our judgments on.

Is the ability to love unconditionally an indicator of true development?

We all have our gifts and we are all meant to share them with others. What I have not learned, you may be completely understanding but what my soul has learned, you may just be beginning. We are all evolved souls on some level.

Some people believe that there are many stages of evolution within each Astrological sign.

It is currently believed that many evolved souls have come back at this time to help with the transition taking place in our world and although they may have moved ahead easier or bolted forward in an evolutionary way by choosing a different life, they have chosen to return at this point in time as there is essential work to be done.

On some level, we are all participating in this evolution. We are the forerunners in this specific stage in human evolution as a whole and have been set in motion to activate the growth now require.

Is there an evolved sign of the zodiac?

I will leave that for you to decide. We can focus on our own development and ensure we are doing what we need to do to grow within our own evolutionary story.

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