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Are you obliged to be happy and content in life? Is this a choice you have made?

We always live the life we are meant to live. There are times and events that challenge us but these challenges do not come with rules or guidelines that state we cannot experience peaceful and contentment during these periods.

Sporadic changes whether we view them as beneficial or disruptive need not affect us in profound ways for extended periods of time. We will experience life events, process the information and all the while, we have the choice of whether we hold onto these events or release them. These are choices that everyone makes every day. Do we allow ourselves to be victims or do we push ourselves to be students of life?

Giving ego full reign causes unrest and excessive worry. Ego thrives on finding a place where it can be in control of our responses to life. Ego portrays itself in such a way that we mistake it as being part of our selves. Identifying with obstacles and events only has one outcome which is to steal our peace of mind. Do you experience events or do you own them?

We are human and as humans we experience all emotions. We do not need to take up residence however, in the house of anger, grief or sadness. Challenges do not define us; they teach us. Do not follow ego blindly. That is not living.

Experience your emotions but do not exist as thought they are a part of you. In the beginning, it makes this task much easier if once we have processed our emotions, we can refocus our thoughts in a direction of gratitude. Instead of staying with lessons, once learned, make an intentional effort to recognize the purity of life. Do not judge it, good or bad. See each event as a lesson, as a part of life’s unfolding, not as a part of you. After this recognition, you can simply acknowledge the lesson and appreciate what it has taught.

Regret, depression, stress will touch our lives at some point but so will happiness, calm and love. These are emotional experiences that do not define us.

Does your ego have full reign? Are you faced with events that are beating you down or are you faced with lessons that help you grow?

Recognize ego when it tries to exercise its control. What is currently challenging your positive sense of self and peace of mind?

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