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I have read, as I am sure many of you have as well, that we are currently experiencing a shift in consciousness.

Do you feel it?

What, if anything, can you do to prepare for such a shift? Do you need to do anything? How will it affect you, if at all?

These are questions that we have heard being tossed around.

Whether we take action or not, the shift is in motion.

How do you prepare? The energies, as with any energy, will touch us if and when we are ready. The personal experience of these energies only unfolds at the rate we are able to experience them. One individual may have already undergone an immense shift. The next individual may only have a few more things that need to surface to begin their new journey and yet another person may have years of prep work ahead of them.

Preparation can be part of the process and many of us have been going through changes at an incredible rate in the recent past. What can we do to prepare? We can, but it is not necessary, have a look at our life and make changes if we feel we must. Most importantly, let go and recognize the eternal moment and its significance. Be present and allow.

Are you ready? Think about that question for a moment. We would not be focused on this shift if we were not ready. Let go of the outcome and enjoy the process.

How will it affect you? It is enlightening. This journey brings you into the moment and within that moment resides everything.

Release your expectations. This experience may seem new, yet we also know the feeling, as though we are returning home. It is somehow familiar.

You are part of the shift. Enjoy and be.

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