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Has your life changed so significantly that you no longer feel you recognize the path? Are you having a difficult time moving in the new direction? Maybe you are living in the past?

Life does take some unexpected twists and turns, and we certain must learn to adapt. As challenging as they may be initially, most changes can bring with them a wealth of growth and knowledge.

We are not at the mercy of life though sometimes we may question this. We are in full control of our response to every moment in life. If life provides stepping stones to our growth, why do we fight these changes so desperately? These twists and turns are actually in place for a reason. There is always a purpose behind every event. If we open our minds to all possibilities, we make the necessary adjustment to these new situations much more smooth and these changes feel far less invasive.

The human race is compiled of survivors. We are adaptable which has guaranteed are survival to this point. We are resilient and even when faced with adversity, if we choose, we can adapt and grow from any and all conditions. We will not adjust to these life conditions ONLY if we have decided not to.

Many times during the course of this lifetime, we will not clearly understand the purposes behind specific events. Our human comprehension is extremely limited. Even without this understanding we can still move forward and grow from each and every situation we are faced with. The most important lesson may be the obvious one – our ability to stay open and positive. Sometimes our search for the answer is much more difficult than the actual experience. Can we let go of our need to know?

The lesson of patience is quite often a co-lesson to our experiences in life. This lesson must be extremely important as it frequently presented itself to us. We are restless people with a great need for control. We want answers yesterday but more often than not, we are not privy to these answers. We miss so much because our focus is only on our persistent need to know. We miss the beauty of our journey as we obsess over our search of understanding.

To simply breathe, take in the beauty around us and enjoy the moment is the greatest lesson in life. Experience the wonder. Recognize the miracles and allow life to unfold. Life is miraculous, certainly mysterious and always changing.

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