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With all of the reports of uncertainty in the world, it is no wonder that people allow themselves to become unsure and stressed. The political situations, wars, financial instabilities can weigh heavy on many minds. We are living in a traumatic time if we allow stress and worry to take over. Reading the headlines and listening to the fear mongering reported daily only serves to heighten anxiety.

Would we be better off focusing our attention to the more immediate, intimate and direct matters in our lives?

Our spiritual connection can bring us much more comfort. Relying on and focusing on positive affirmations certainly can help. Remember that what we focus on simply bring more of the same. Paying attention to our mind’s focus and redirecting it to more positive focuses will, over time, change our attitude and general feeling of wellbeing. We all play a part and no one is insignificant or incapable of making the changes that are needed.

Never doubt the higher forces at work in our lives. We are part of an ever changing existence and each individual part forms a whole for the world’s evolution.

What will be, will be, with or without our consent. Our attitude towards these events is what can change who we are and what the world is. Hold true to your heart. Stay strong and positive. We are not at the mercy of events although sometimes these events affect us dramatically. We always have a course of action to take with what goes on around us. The unfolding of our reaction and action is always in our hands.

Fear only breeds more fear. Anger only breeds more anger. Love however can tear down any barrier. Believe in positive outcomes and above all else have faith in the powers of positive thinking. Let go of potential outcomes and expectations. Live in gratitude for the calm days and the challenging lessons, for they are forming you into who you are intended to be.

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