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Aries in Astrology

We moved into the sign of Aries on the 21st of March this year. Many Astrologers believe that Pisces is the final stage of evolutionary growth at least on our particular level. When we enter into the sign of Aries we begin anew, at a different stage of evolution. At the Aries level, we evolve starting at a new chapter from where we left off in the sign of Pisces.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is the sign of the starter, the imitator and the first one in. Aries individuals are self-starters, and they aggressively pursue a course of action as soon as it is set into motion. Those with strong Aries tendencies include people with many planets in the first house, (which is ruled by Aries) and other planets in the sign of Aries in their birth chart. Aries is particularly powerful when the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant are found in this sign.

Aries needs to be the first one to react and they are not afraid of moving in new directions. They pursue their personal interest with great enthusiasm and an exuberant energy that is easily noticed by others. Their ruling planet is Mars, the planet of energy expulsion and there is no shortage of energy with these individuals.

They love to be on the go and move into something new with little regard to where they have come from. If a door closes, their philosophy is that a new one will open. This is their forte in life and because of this adventurous spirit, they usually learn a lot, experience a lot and live a lot. Personal growth is an absolute and their pioneering spirit will usually provide them with plenty of opportunity to facilitate growth on some level.

When life throws a twist at them, they quickly turn to something in an alternate direction. Planning ahead is not their strongest point as they live in the moment and know that what they seek is found in that moment. As a result, they do not waste time finding their opportunities. They tend to rush into situations and therefore may discover that they have to redo some steps, if they have enough patience to begin again, which is often not the case.

They have little patience and this leads to mistakes and incorrect judgement, but also pushes them into the mainstream of activity. They hate boredom and repeat activities. They often need something new in their lives. Patience is not a strong point, but usually they learn from their mistakes. There are exceptions to this however, for an Aries individual may not learn a lesson even if they make the same mistake several times.

They are self-promoters and belong at the top of their own business or at least in the forefront and leading role in an enterprise. They do not make good followers and have a challenging time listening to advice. They believe that they know best and often the ego gets in the way. When this occurs, they can lose their true path easily. Concentration is not a strong point either, unless there are other mitigating factors in their birth chart such as Mercury in Capricorn or Virgo.

Some when angered have a challenging time controlling their temper and can act out in an aggressive manner. They are usually hot heads, but let go of life issues just as quickly as they heat up. Forgiveness is usually a common trait, but do not repeat your mistake towards an Aries individual as they might react in a fashion that may be somewhat unpleasant. They are quite willing to speak their mind and often with little forethought on the outcome to the recipient. This is mainly due to an aggressive temperament and a quick reaction time.

Know that if you make a friend with an Aries individual that life will never be boring, but make sure you keep up with their exuberance or they just might leave you in their tracks.

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