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Sometimes it is good to have a bit of a re-freshener with the basics of Astrology. The fundamentals are essential and need to be practiced even with the most advanced techniques. In the field of Astrology, we will always be a student. It is important to recognize that we will NEVER know all that there is to know about Astrology.

As an Astrologer, it is essential to always be open to and welcome continued education because, as mentioned, we will be a permanent student.

The sign and house positioning of planets and significant angles (MC, ASC, DC, IC) are the most relevant in determining the areas of life (houses) and the relevant signature traits (signs) inherent with a chart. Always look to these positions and placements to get a clear picture of the energies in the chart. House placements and Sign positioning emphasis containing such as a Stellium will be greatly enhanced.

The Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant are determining factors in the individual’s expression and these also speak of the character traits of an individual. A Stellium, for example, in the sign of Leo or an emphasis in the fifth house ruled be Leo, will significantly change the character of someone with a Virgo or Capricorn Sun for example. This is a perfect example of why some people do not fit the description of their Sun sign character traits (and for the simple fact there is so much more involved in an Astrology chart than just the Sun sign).

Tight aspects between Planets or Angles have a profound impact on the energies of the planets or angles that are being aspected. For example, using the Leo signature again, it will be very difficult for the Sun in Leo to have the usual flair and ego consciousness if there is a square from let’s say the Moon and Saturn. It would take hard work to bring to the forefront the emotional response of the typical Leo and its release of energy due to the square from Saturn (restrictions) and the Moon (emotions). This individual would have to work very hard to express themselves emotionally in comparison to say someone with a Leo Sun with a conjunction from Mercury, Jupiter and Venus or a rising sign of Leo.

Angles or aspects from other planets help determine how challenged or with what ease an individual has in releasing the energies from that planet. The energies are also influenced greatly by the energies of other planets. For example, a Sun in Leo individual with a conjunction to Uranus in Leo would also be somewhat eccentric in their expression and have a very unique character. With a Pluto conjunction this individual would express themselves in a more dynamic manner and have great power in their self-expression. This could point to leadership abilities being enhanced, but could also indicate a domineering individual.

Astrological configurations, as well as an emphasis on an aspect or a lack of an aspect, will also have a profound effect on the individual’s life journey. A person with a Grand Square will have many more challenging conditions in life than someone with a Grand Trine. The Grand Square individual will have opposing factors within their life’s mission but can use these energies to propel them forward in life once these energies are harnessed.

The Grand Trine individual will have a greater ease in obtaining benefits than that of other individuals, but may also become complacent and sit back far too much when they should be pushing themselves forward.

These are a few examples of the factors which must be considered when deciphering a natal chart Although they may seem rudimentary, they are significant and should never be overlooked when delineating an individual’s Astrology chart.

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