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Astrological Oracle Readings May 23, 2015

Holm Astrology is offering Astrology Oracle readings at Positive Pathways Barrie on Saturday, May 23 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. by appointment.

"Oracle" is from Latin "to speak". Oracle cards are an inspirational tool and speak to the recipient of information that is pertinent only to them. Holm Astrology's Oracle Card readings are based on astrological information provided by the cards. These readings are not based on your birth information as an Astrology chart report would be. The cards herald messages from your higher self and/or guides as revealed by the cards that turn up and their house position in the specific Astrological layout.

The readings are 40 minutes in length and they are being offered at a discounted rate of $50 for the readings at Positive Pathways. A portion of this fee will be donated to Positive Pathways not-for-profit organization to purchase items for the Children in Peru.

What is your path of least resistance? We can offer insight to assist in your choices.

To register for your reading, please contact me at or contact Darlene at


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