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Astrology Charts and Young Children

We have been asked if it is appropriate to have their children’s natal chart prepared. Is there an age limit and when is it best to have their transits and progressions done? Would an Astrology chart be helpful for the parents in assisting their children with utilizing their strengths and weaknesses?

A parent could commission the preparation of their child’s birth chart at any point in their lives. Some parents prefer to have their child’s chart prepared shortly after their child’s birth and others have it prepared when their children are a bit older.

A Child Empowerment chart is essentially a birth or natal chart prepare for the parents. The Child Empowerment chart takes a close look at the child’s temperament, their emotional needs and how their mind will respond to learning material and stimuli. It speaks about their strengths as well as any challenges that they may have. This chart offers the parents suggestions on how the child may gather information and the best or most appropriate way to handle their emotional displays and emotional interactions with others according to Astrological insights provided by the birth indicators.

As mentioned, these charts are written for an adult interpret and are not written for the child. This chart will offer suggestions on how to utilize the potential found in the chart as well as suggestions on how to utilize the child’s primal characteristics based on astrological data reflected in the birth chart.

The chart would be comprehensive and in depth. If there were deep psychological concerns that would surface within the chart indicators or health related issues, we would recommend seeking professional advice as we are neither a doctors nor a psychiatrist. There would, however, be suggestions on how to deal with other youth related issues and also suggestions into ways of assisting these young individuals to enhance their skills and god-given talents. It would read much like an adult chart, except it would be written for the parents concerning their child.

If the child is quite young, it is recommended that only a natal chart be commissioned as transits or progression are completed for individuals who have an understanding of their personal complexities and situations.

Transits and Progressions are usually recommended for individuals completing high school and entering into college or university. We would provide these individuals with opportunistic approaches to gaining insight into their ever expanding life circumstances. We speak about the challenges that they may encounter but will focus on positive reinforcement providing some insight and assistance with the best ways to move forward in their lives. We would utilize a philosophic approach with mystical inclinations and spiritual insight in these reports


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