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Astrology's Birth or Natal Chart

We have recently been asked to define in layman’s terms how a Birth or Natal chart depicts information.

The Birth or Natal chart is partly delineated by the placement of the planets within the 12 Astrology houses (the twelve divided sections within the chart circle). These houses are areas of life and define character traits and activities that will pertain to the individual. A couple of simplified examples would be the first house deals primarily with the self, the image we present to the world, and our reaction to life events. The second house has to do with your finances and security issues, while the third has to do with everyday life affairs and communication. These descriptions are very brief and there are many more influences and areas of life represented by the houses.

As mentioned, the planets at birth fall within one of these twelve houses. Each planet has a significant influence on these areas of life (represented by each house). For example, Mercury rules the mind and how we think and expresses ourselves. If Mercury is located in the second house, this individual would think in detail about monetary matters and the security that might be associated with material abundance or the lack there of. This is also very brief in description.

The spacing between the planets is important. Some planets are in close proximity to each other while other planets are spread about the Astrology chart.

The Birth chart is made up of 360 degrees and each house occupies a portion of this 360 degrees. The planets within this framework form angles to each other and these angles are measured by degrees, from one planet to the next. Each varying angle describes the energy as do the planets. The degree between these planets provides the Astrologer with information on the energies created between the planets and how the planets will relate to each other. An example of this might be Mercury, the planet of the mind, in a stressful aspect to Saturn, the planet of restriction and hardships. This would suggest learning difficulties or speech problems to name just a couple of issues. This once again is a very brief description but provides the reader with an idea of how the Chart is read.

Astrology is very in-depth and this post only touches the surface. Suffice to say that a beginner’s course would describe in detail these delineations and provide the student with insight into how to understand their own snapshot at birth as well as others’ birth charts.

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