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Recognizing who we are at a spiritual level is paramount to our true awakening. We have to understand our inner identity, which is not earthbound, but spiritual. Our connection to self begins with this understanding and being hypnotized by the mundane concerns of earthly living actually stagnates this progress.

We are not our bodies. We are not our achievements. We are not our failures. We are not just this individual we know as ourselves throughout this earthly life. We are spirit and this knowledge slowly unlocks in varying degrees through this awareness. We are spirit right now living in human form, temporarily caught up in this human existence. We do not have to wait until we move on from this existence into the next level of consciousness or pass over to become in touch with our spirit.

We do however have to recognize ego’s intent and refrain from identifying with ego’s superficial hold on us. Many of us are caught up in this transitional stage and have a hard time breaking away from ego’s stronghold. Many actually believe that they are their ego and identify with it on a constant and continual basis. They recognize its negative impact in their lives and believe that they deserve ego’s persistent efforts to make us believe that we are worthy of nothing beyond simple existence. Guilt is a by-product of the ego and as long as ego maintains its stranglehold, we cannot rid ourselves of our feelings of guilt.

How we live our life, becomes riddled with guilt. Who we believe we are as individuals for many perpetually raises our focus on guilt. This portrayal of guilt becomes an ever-present sidekick that keeps us at bay and stops any type of true progress as a spiritual entity. All that is defined as evil in the world can be attributed to ego control and resulting guilt. Those that live through power and control have taken on an ego identity and are not aware or do not believe that there is another portrait of themself. The live their lives trying to protect what they believe is their true identity but in reality, that which they are hiding is neither a part of their earthly self nor their true whole self.

We owe it to ourselves to stifle ego and get to know the true self. We can awaken to our true potential. We can assist others to awaken to their true self and true potential. We are a global consciousness. We are together one consciousness aligned with source, without exception. By working on self, we also work on our global consciousness.

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