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Awakening in part is developing true awareness, being in the moment, recognizing who you are and each and every little detail about life.

You notice colour in an enhanced way. You notice smells and tastes as if it were your first time experiencing them. You feel like you have never felt before. You experience as you have never experienced previously. It is as if all the senses are heightened. Your memory is enhanced, your vision seems crisp and clear, you feel excited and energy seems to come to you in many different ways.

With this heightened awareness, you notice all the little flaws in your behaviour, some apparent for the first time. Other flaws could be things that you previously felt was not overly important. Through your awareness, it is now important to react and make changes but not to own. We begin to discard anything that feels out of place. Some of these ingrained behaviours stem from many years of built up habits. Habits can be hard to shake and challenging to overcome. Some are minor in comparison but still it is more comfortable to fine-tune them.

Initially we may not like what we see and so we begin to adjust our lives accordingly. These actions may even be subconscious but they play a significant role in determining what fits and what does not in our new way of life.

We may also notice all the little flaws in others and become more adept at reading them. When they are behaving in ways that do not suit their true personality, we recognize this. We cannot judge as we know that judgement is not ours to make. With time and adjustment, we no longer see these flaws within categories and just recognize them for what they are. We recognize that actions or lack of actions are not who these people are. Everyone is doing the best they can at their stage of soul development.

While we edge closer to our true self, we also reach deeper into others. We may be even lucky enough to recognize the soul within and communicate on an internal level, without words. Contact is subtle but it is. We reach inward and instinctively understand where others are coming from. We may not see their past, but we understand that it is their past that has brought them to where they are now. We can sympathize with their journey and feel their energies. We cognize their struggles and we want to help in whatever way we can.

Love is (external and internal at the same time). We recognize that source has always been connected with us. This is a wonderful recognition.

Our experiences are similar in many ways, but we all walk our own road and experience what we need and learn in our own way. We join hands throughout different parts of our journeys and we can share.

Awakening is our ultimate gift and what a perfect gift it is. There is nothing more comforting, nothing more peaceful, nothing more enlightening.

We are grateful to all of you who have held our hand during this journey.

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