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You are never alone!

What does this mean to you?

What are your thoughts on life after death? Do you believe that we are meant to experience our life to the fullest, gain all knowledge that sheds light on truth and then move on to the next aspect of our existence?

Do you questions life after death? Do you try to rationalize your existence materially and believe that this life is all there is and that there is nothing after death? Do your beliefs lie somewhere in between these two concepts?

For just a moment regardless of our own personal belief structures, imagine that there is life after death. (I choose “image” as imagination leads to inspiration and as humans all we can do is image life after death). Let’s imagine that there is life after death and when we leave this existence we readily move forward into the next stage of our existence; however, we are still connected to source and the individual we have come to know as self in our last incarnation.

Imagine that as the awakening process becomes clearer after we have passed over, we begin to clearly see who we are as a being, our connectedness with source and our perpetual journey that continues even after our life on earth comes to a close. Imagine that there are no concerns with this life’s ending, because life never truly ends. Imagine yourself passing over and awakening to the truth, to a knowing that your life was exactly what was needed at this stage in your evolution. Picture yourself waking up from a long journey and being able to access any lessons due to the experiences during your last carnation on earth. Imagine having access to all of the answers to all of the questions at your fingertips.

What if there is important information and experiences to be learned and accomplished from our physical lives here on earth that are virtually unattainable when in spirit. Imagine for a moment your higher self or core energy deciding to move into this existence because it was necessary and was the best route to take. Imagine knowing that upon living this life, you would obtain invaluable knowledge and experiences that would greatly enhance your spiritual journey.

Remain open to all possibilities. Follow your heart. Allow your perception to flourish. Allow yourself to grow spiritually and connect to your higher self. Are you not actually one with Source?

If we close doors through skepticism and reject simple allowing, what hurdles and walls are we building? Not to worry, however, we will not actually stop our eventual spiritual growth. Our intended course is unfolding always with or without our consent. Our higher self knows what is important and we will move in our intended direction and eventually awaken to a higher state of knowing, even if it does not occur until after death.

Our limited human minds cannot conceive all that truly is. I cannot prove to you that life after death exists no more than you can prove to me that it does not exist. Each of us have seen and experienced things that have brought us to this point in our lives that we cannot show or prove to others. The best we can do is to stay open to all possibilities. The best we can do is to allow awareness and the awakening process into our lives. If we sincerely think about it, we would not be here now if this eventual awakening was not our intention in the first place.

Embrace your life and all its wonders and live by simply allowing.

Let our awakening begin now.


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