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In the face of adversity what is your best defense?

Do you seek shelter or deal with issues head on?

It is said that fighting aggression with aggression only creates more of the same.

If we are attacked (emotionally, mentally, or physically) what then is the best approach?

We certainly must stand up for ourselves when need be and use our inner strength to do what is necessary. Sometimes it feels as though life comes at us from all directions, and we are forced to find inner strength and new ways to look at old issues. Through our own determination and focus, we can reach within and find the strength to not only carry on, but to rise above.

We can find strength that we never knew existed. We gain personal empowerment when we push ourselves to overcome.

There IS sufficient strength within, however, do not feel any less competent if you reach out to others or higher sources for a helping hand. With or without assistance, we emerge stronger, more resilient, and ready to forge ahead with our heads held high.

We are the masters of our destiny regardless of what stands in the way. We are much more powerful than we realize. The only things that stand between defeat and success is our attitude and focus. Through love of self, control of attitude, and positive focus, we forge our way forward.

Recognize your strength and abilities but accept a hand when it is extended to you.

Fulfill your ambitions with an open mind.

Follow your heart……it knows the path.

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