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It is said that if we are living in the moment, time seems to slow down.

Most of us are continually looking ahead or reminiscing about the past.

For a moment walk along with me. Still your mind as much as possible and if you catch yourself in thought, do not be dismayed. Acknowledge that thought and allow it to continue on its way. Allow yourself to experience this moment completely and to experience each thought that moves its way through your mind, especially the ones that keep repeating themselves.

Did you experience thoughts of “this is stupid”, “you are wasting your time”, or “let’s stop this silliness and do something else”?

That voice you are hearing is your ego. See it for what is it, and let those words of interferences drift off.

Set a timer for ten minutes and simply clear you mind. Enjoy the moment to its fullest. You may be aware of time and this experience may seem as though time is moving very slowly as you focus on the moment.

If your ten minutes is up, lets continue……..

For those of us that have experienced an accident, for example, we may recall how time seemed to slow down during the experience. The incident itself seemed to move in slow motion. How many thoughts went through our minds during the event?

It is quite profound how the mind races in and out of potential outcomes as well as potential ways that you can maneuver things to find a resolution to what is taking place. There certainly does not appear to be a shortage of time and it actually feels as though we have much time to react. We consciously utilize the seconds to search for a way through the event.

This is the mind focusing in that particular moment, and we are quite capable of doing this anytime, although practice and patience are requirements under normal circumstance. Time is a man-made illusion and we cannot actually slow down the time between moments. It moves in the usual manner, but we are so tuned into it completely so that we do not waste even a millisecond.

Think of when we are busy. Does time not feel as though it is flying by?

We can learn to focus in the moment through practice. Our mind works in a similar fashion as our muscles do and it takes continued exercise (focus) to activate the mind’s focus (as does a muscle need training to work to its full capabilities). We can actually strengthening the mind’s reception.

When the mind wonders, we can gently remind it of the present moment and it will refocus once again.

In reality, we only have the moment, and we are living it constantly. The past is gone and the future has yet to be experienced. A minute of wasted time will never be repeated. These moments are far too precious to squander. Enjoy every millisecond of this magnificence of life.

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