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There are many individuals that live their lives for others--rarely thinking of their own needs and always putting other’s needs ahead of their own. These are admiral qualities to say the least, but while they are busy helping everyone else they are forgetting that they also have needs. How can we truly be of service if we are not looking after our own needs?

You have to be true to yourself first and look after what is important to you. If you spend your life neglecting yourself for the sake of others, will you find contentment in service? Is it wrong to look after your own needs?

Life is meant to be shared and if you truly want to share your life with others, perhaps to perform at your best, you have to have an honest look at how you feel. Is your life complete and are you getting what you need? It certainly is necessary to think of your own personal needs. This is not being selfish. It is important to look after yourself and your life’s requirements.

If you are living your life just for others, what is left for you? How can you truly be of service to others if you feel incomplete or dissatisfied with life’s conditions? You have to be happy within and content with your life. This cannot be found through others. It can only be found within you.

We are each here to help others. If we pursue a life of giving, we are on the right path and following our destiny. If you ignore your own needs, it may be difficult for you to do the best you can for others. There will be times when you have to address your own mental, physical and emotional needs. It is not necessary to bringing someone else into the equation. It does not have to be brought out into the open or even presented to others. It can be a pact you make with yourself -- a silent commitment you decide on without any outside involvement.

You deserve to be happy and content in life. Being true to yourself and paying attention to what your needs are is the first step in acknowledging that you too are deserving of attention. We live a service oriented life and this is as it should be, but you should also experience the receiving scenario. You are as relevant as anyone else. Be sure to treat yourself in the same fashion as you treat others.

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