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Today, take a good, honest look at who you are, taking into consideration those little flaws. Now recognize this to be you for today. Next, consider what you initially thought your characteristics were but remove the minor flaws. Who does this leave?

Do you realize that you will always find little flaws in your personality, what you might call minor barriers to whom you want to be? Ask yourself if these flaws describe you as an individual. Do others see these minor blemishes or are you the only one that knows about them? Does these take away anything from whom you are when viewing yourself without these imperfections? Are you less of a person because of them?

Sometimes we need to pay attention to our personal attributes rather than spend so much time delineating our “self-thought” faults. If we could spend even half the time, we waste analyzing our perceived negative qualities and focus on our positive qualities, we might recognize and see ourselves in a clearer light. These minor irritants just might pale in comparison to our attributes, and we might see ourselves as more of what we would like to be but have failed to recognize previous to this awareness.

The qualities you dislike about yourself first have to be recognized and seen for what they truly are. After doing some careful analysis, you might discover that they are not as devastating and negative as you once perceived them to be. By changing your focus on what you have within your personality rather than paying so much attention to what you don’t like or what is missing, you will recognize who you are and see thing for what they truly are.

Remember your core personality has all the qualities that you may wish you have. Remember your true nature, and understand that you are spirit living in a material body extremely influenced by ego. What you perceive as negative has been built up by ego. It is ego reinforcement coming from the opposite end of support and this thinking only employs the ego’s pursuit of control. Letting go of these false beliefs unleashes the true potential already alive within and is waiting to be released.

Everything you are looking for is already a part of your makeup; it is already part of who you are. You do not have to look outside for confirmation. You just have to allow yourself to focus your attention on your life’s objectives and let go of the small insignificant so called impurities that you are now so focused on. Stop identifying with them and thinking that they are who you are. They are not.

The real you is based on love and compassion. Realizing that this is rightfully you, you will transcend yourself into a content individual rather than an individual that feels incomplete. You don’t need to seek completeness. You are complete, and you only have to place your attention on what you are, not what is missing. The change is automatic with no work because you already have this individual waiting to emerge. The only thing holding you back is your focus on what you do not like in yourself or what you think is missing.

Understanding the ego’s pursuit and recognizing ego when it surfaces is the key to recognizing your higher self. You have to open your eyes to the truth and realize ego’s interference. Stop identifying with it. You are not your ego. Let go of this negative grip by recognizing who you truly are, always have been and always will be.

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