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When you first meet others or are interacting with others, allow these individuals to clearly see the inner you. Fabricated or strained characteristics do not endorse the true you. Although you may feel that this facade is necessary, being true to your real self is much more important than what others might think of you. If you ask five different individuals what their opinion is of you, you will get five completely difference answers.

As we age, more and more we become more comfortable with our inner self. Nothing is fictitious and we radiate something that is perfectly genuine.

When we present the true self, there are no false pretences and we emit a confidence that others easily pick up on. We can be poised and nothing has to be hidden or altered. We are who we are and this inner self is who we are supposed to be. We are not meant to “play a part” so as to constantly adjusted to fit the occasion.

Each one of us is perfect just the way we are. Realize this. All of the qualities that we wish to have are already part of who we are. We are constantly growing and the end result will be exactly what we want it to be.

If you find a characteristic within yourself that you do not like, do not own it. Simply acknowledge this quality and then let go. Holding on to less than desirable traits or by identifying with them, you give these traits life. When you choose to identify with positive characteristics, you build on them. What you believe becomes reality. Let’s make real those characteristics that bring us happiness. The real you is the most positive and balanced individual you could possibly be. There are no limitations to who you are. You alone place limits on yourself.

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