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In this transcendent journey we have embarking on, it is important to reflect on the various steps we have taken to arrive at our current state. We often forget where we once were and how we have moved forward throughout various stages. Some of us feel disheartened with the progress we believe we have made but if we were to look back even a few years, we would realization that we have actually come a very long way.

It is a continuous and gradual evolution, at least for the majority of us, and this is why we feel as though we have stagnated or at the very least, we are crawling along our path of enlightenment.

Each of us move along at our own pace and only when we are ready to move into the next phase will we actually enter into that realm. Impatience and the very desire to “run” forward is a great part of why we feel so limited in our progress.

In general, we actually are progressing quite rapidly. It is only the human condition of always wants more (which is rarely satisfied) that creates these feelings of frustration. Have a close and realistic look at how much you have grown, of how far you have travelled.

For instance, look how you may be able to quiet your mind when meditating. How long ago was it that you could barely keep the inner voice silent for more than a few seconds? Silence is no longer a silent that it once was. The empty space between thoughts is actually alive with information coming from higher sources and is now more readily available.

For those who have just embarked on this journey, remain patient and accept the fact that it has taken you a long time to get to the state of mind you are in now. It will also take a long time to move away from this. In hind sight, you will realize it took only mere moments for you to begin to experience the feelings of the slow moving train to which we speak.

Stay focused on your pursuit, and understand and accept that it will take time. The earlier we can let go of our desire to move ahead, the sooner we will move forward in our objectives.

Spirit guidance takes you where you need to go every step of the way. Understanding this might quieten the ego a little and provide more patience along the way.

This also applies to experiencing spirit and our inner communication. These only take place as we become aware and raise our vibration to the proper frequency to pick up the subtle vibrations of the higher realm. It is very subtle and can easily be missed at least in the beginning. We do not hear spirit as spirits quite messages are such common please. We have been witness to the subtle communications all of our lives and because of this they go unnoticed. Like the sound of traffic in the city, we become so accustom to these sounds that our conscious mind no longer hears the noise. Spirit and our inner voice are so common and we are so accustomed to their input in our lives that we tend to ignore the messages.

Focus on the infinite barrage of information that comes through. Do not tune it out but do not become consumed by it either. Find that perfect balance of spirit and earth for we are meant to live our earthly lives. We are meant to experience life’s challenging conditions as we all know these are our learning tools and stepping stones. Life is like a long walk on the beach. There will be days of wonderful sunshine but there will be days that storms will blow in. If you take the time to actually witness the storm, it too is often quite beautiful and very awe inspiring. Once the storm has passed, the view is enhanced, and much more clear.

Enjoy the walk of life. Stay in the moment. You are spirit living in a temporary physical form, so take advantage of this opportunity.


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