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Being Persecuted

There are many who honestly try to do their best but life keeps offering challenging lessons that seem to erode their life’s force. Perhaps I am being dramatic and this is an extreme expression, but I want those that are experiencing these hard lessons to realize that your friends and family are not downplaying their experiences and have compassion for them. It is hard to understand that these events and life’s circumstances are necessary and should not be pushed aside to smolder in our unconscious.

It is during these emotional times of confusion and dismay that we come face to face with reality, however dismal it may appear. We are forced to confront the demon at the door and to face what life is trying to tell us.

Sometimes the need resides within and other times, events from our outer world force change. There are times when we reach our breaking point and we have to make a move, however painful it may be. The greater the pain, the more resilient we become. We gain inner strength and knowledge through these lessons which enable us to move forward with confidence in a new direction in life. In the alternative, there are lessons so deep and so challenging that we feel stuck; endless obstacles stand in our way. All we want is to avoid these hurdles in life and try to sweep them under the carpet.

It is during these crossroads that life or destiny is calling for a change of direction and a new course of action. We can hang on relentlessly but in many cases, these attempts are futile as we will only be confronted with more adversity down the road until we truly deal with the issue. Each ignored attempt only instigates an even more powerful lesson at a later date. Change is required and life is motivating us to move beyond the boundaries of what might feel safe.

This is not to say that at the slightest provocation we should pick ourselves up and move in a different direction, but if after many failed attempts and if life is still asking for action, perhaps we should listen to the voice within and make that move. It can be a hard knock on our ego at times, but acknowledge what ego is. As long as we do not identify with ego, we can move forward and do not need to be incapacitated by our life’s events.

Seek assistance from the higher sources. Do not hesitate to ask for direction, but once you have been given your answer, you must adhere to the advice. Do not ask if you are unwilling to listen. Life is full of challenging circumstances and sometimes we need to turn that corner, but only after careful deliberation. Never jump, but pay heed to the lessons that are being taught. Turning the corner and not knowing what is hidden there can be unnerving. Most times, the next corner shows the light at the end of the tunnel.

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