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As you experience the moment (the here and now), know that the gate to all things is here. Your beliefs are the key to the door of awakening, for without belief, you cannot unlock the door. Remain open to all things and allow the unfolding to begin.

This, what you are experiencing, is your life and yours to experience.

For many individuals, the ego reigns dominance and will do so as long as we identify with it. Quiet the mind and open your heart. Understand that the ego matures and ages with the body. It transforms and evolves to maintain its authority, its stronghold, its supremacy.

You, however, are not your ego!

You are! You always will be. You will never cease to be. You have available to you the knowledge of all time. There are countless memories stored within. This knowledge lie dormant or forgotten waiting for release--information generated to assist us with our voyage and support us in moments of need.

We are never alone! There are guides always available to us if we can quiet the ego to listen. These guides can help steer us on our intended path, ever beckoning us towards our awakening to the truth. Believe and the expansion of the true self begins.

We are connected with and form part of the pure essence of all things. We are part of the whole. We are love and can live in reverence and respect for all living things.


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