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When our world feels as though it is upside down, we can sometimes feel as though all of our hard work has gone by the wayside. These are the moments that we must stay strong and believe. Inevitably, there will be times that it feels as though the world is fighting against us and we feeling empty and alone. These are our valuable life’s lesson and they have been placed in front of us to overcome and to expand our understanding. We are not to bow our heads in surrender nor are we to allow setbacks to steer us off course. If we surrender under pressure, what value do our beliefs actually have? Our belief structures should push us to rise above life’s hurdles and assist us in moving forward.

We are all faced with difficulties and deep inside we know that these lessons have been put in place for learning purposes. When life events seem to offend our present state of being, we know instinctively that we have to rise above these. We also know that challenges are placed in front of us so that we can find inner strength to move forward in our life’s objectives. These lessons only serve to make us review our current focus and situations. If our views, values or current situation no longer serving us then it is time to re-examine them. If they do, this life lessons serves as a reminder that we are on the right path.

When we are at our weakest moments and we are ready to give up, this is when you find our inner strength and fortitude needed to overcome any situation. We are not born into this existence to feel overcome and squashed. We are meant to stand tall, learn and overcome each and every situation. We all have the strength to carry on, no matter how unjust events may feel or seem.

Believe and recognize that thread of hope that is always in existence. If we maintain our objective, we will succeed even when all else fails. When we stand alone in the face of darkness, we can simply allow our light to shine. At journey’s end, there is always a new chapter waiting for us. We can and will overcome anything as long as we put our minds on the proper focal point. Believe in the unbelievable, obtain the unattainable. We will only fall short if we do not believe.

Believe that you can and will overcome. Some life events may not seem fair. Define “fair” please. Our earthly perspective is so limited.

We are never ruled by life’s incidents but we are ruled by our attitude towards these incidents. We will never fall short of our life’s purpose if we keep pushing forward.

There is always an open door simply waiting for us to walk through.

When we are at our final life’s event, as each of us will make that final passage for this life experience, ensure that you will have no regrets, that you hold no grudges and that you believe. Understand that our energy is perpetual; life as we know it will comes to an end but not until we have experienced this life’s purpose. Until that day comes, we can and will learn, we will gain momentum, we will be guided by inner strength and we will be able to overcome anything life puts in front of us as long as we believe.


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