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Make this day a special one by giving thanks for all that it holds. You may go through struggles and life conditions may not be exactly what you would want them to be, but you are still here and living a life that allows you to grow, love and respond in your own way. No matter what life throws at your (whether you want to label the events challenging or rewarding), it is more your attitude and focus on these things that set the stage then the events themselves.

We all experience blessings in our lives but at times we tend to look beyond them or take them for granted.

Stop for a moment and look around you. Have a really close look and see what is right in front of you. Look at what you possessions (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). Review your capacity to think and process information, to rationalize. What could you change about your life? You are never stuck. It may feel that way at times but that is only a concept. You can move beyond barriers if you can move beyond the fear, if truly want to.

Some of us have our health; some have great careers; some have children and friends that are the centre of their world; some have their fur babies who are loved dearly and their love for their pets is magnified by the love give back in return. Most of us have food and water (which the majority of people in this world cannot take for granted) and many of us have an abundance of material wealth. I have yet to meet one person who does not have love in some way or another. Even those that feel that love has forsaken them know that it is only a belief structure that keeps this feeling alive.

Instead of looking at what is missing, look at what you have available to enjoy. It is important to share your blessings in whatever way you can and there are countless ways to share life. Take a close look my friends and recognize life for what it truly is for it is a blessing, a miracle and a gift.

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