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Do you find yourself struggling with life matters that just do not seem to want to go away? Are you feeling ill or unhappy? Do you tend to worry excessively? These are all symptoms of mental or emotional blockages. With these issues in life, we either fail to recognize them or we try to ignore them with the hope that they will go away.

Your external or material world is a mirror image of what is taking place internally. When you find that life presents you with continual conditions that seem to hinder or challenge you, it is suggested that you have an honest look at what is happening internally. Most likely you will have to make internal changes that will reverberate into your material world. Immediately upon making internal changes, your material world will begin to change.

It can be difficult to accept that the challenges we are facing actually originate from within. With so many external events that occur out of our control, we fail to take responsibility for our lives.

Change can be difficult but sometimes it is the only solution that can release us from life’s sometimes challenging conditions. More often than not, the change required is simply a change of how we are looking at situations.

Remember, that all that we need in this life is at our disposal. All ingredients needed to promote these changes that are necessary are available. These changes are often a requirement that will help us move forward in our chosen direction. These changes will assist us in overcoming or meeting any dilemma head on. These challenges can be referred to as blockages to our growth if we do not meet them head on.

With periodic reviews of our journey, we can recognize even the most minute hurdles along our journey. View them objectively. If they are left in place, what potential do they create in our future? These so called blockages if left to grow can eventually manifest as illnesses and physical conditions such as headaches, muscle tightness and even minor or major mental confusion.

Choose whether to leave them in place or to tear them down. You may decide to continue along the same path, after tearing down the blockage, or you may not appreciate the challenge and choose not to push ahead, venturing off onto a new path.

Sometimes the hurdles seem as though they are there for a reason and in most cases they are. Acknowledge them and be open. Many times dialogue or events will magically happen around us that will spark a solution for tearing down our hurdles.

We have to ask ourselves if there is something that we can do within to facilitate the transformation that needs to come out into the open. Attitude is often the greatest catalyst for change. Changes to our attitude or belief structures will often produce a release of tension that has built up over time. If the challenge seems to resonate from outside in your material world, it means that the issue has had time to build and is now present through manifestation. We have to look at the issue, whatever it may be, and purposely and honestly look at what we can do to help alleviate the challenge.

Change is often difficult, yet challenges in life need to be addressed. Our focus sometimes needs to shift from what we do not have to the recognition of what we actually do have. We may also have to come to terms with conditions in our lives and then take the appropriate action to challenge the conditions in order to eventually remove them from our lives.

We all deserve to be happy. Our lives are meant to expand and teach us through its events. We may have to come to terms with what life is trying to teach us and then do what must be done.

Never give in to life’s conditions. Stay strong and understand that we are resilient enough to challenge and conquer any circumstance. We cannot be too hard on ourselves and accept that we will get over each hurdle if we choose to continue on this given path. Life will provide us with what is required to get to the next level.

We must have faith in our life’s course and know that we are where we need to be, always.

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