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We will be experiencing a Blue Moon (rare second full moon on the month) in the sign of Taurus on October 31, 2020 at 10:49 a.m. EDT. This Full Moon’s sign is (Taurus) a very stable and reliable sign, indicative of security and steadiness especially related to earthly matters. This would include the financial institutions, building and maintenance, the structures that have been put in place to create composure and reliability in worldly matters. Taurus can be counted on to create stability and structure, working towards a slow and steady approach to goals that will stand the test of time.

The Full Moon is at 8 degrees Taurus. Transiting Uranus on this date will be conjunct the Full Moon out only by 8 minutes. This is considered a very powerful and tight conjunction and Uranus is known for its erratic behavior. Uranus has to do with the need to break free of any form of restrictions and pushes ahead to make sudden and often unexpected changes towards reform and new horizons. Uranus is not at home in the sign of Taurus and is in its Fall when it comes to dignities in Astrology. Here is a link with a little more information on the dignities

This means that Uranus in the sign of Taurus is a place where you have to work harder to overcome Taurus tendencies. The reliability of Taurus and the unpredictable behavior of Uranus are at odds with one another. Over time disruption to the norm can be expected although over the long haul and although different from what we are accustomed to, this change will be what is required.

Disruption to the economy is currently a world matters. Some form of rebellion and upheaval can also be forecasted, but over time this new foundation is what will be required in order to move in the proper direction putting us back on a more enlightened path.

A Full Moon’s energies speak of the culmination of events that have taken place during the New Moon cycle some six months ago. What was begun when the New Moon was in Taurus will now be at its finishing point and the harvest of what was begun at that time now reaches fruition.

On a personal level check to see which houses are involved as the Sun and Moon are in opposition although the Full Moon is more indicative of the Lunar placement. This will be the area of life that is personally affected at this time and you can expect changes to take place, particularly so if you have planets making conjunctions or oppositions along with squares and to a lesser degree trines and sextiles to this placement (Taurus 8 degrees).

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