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“Body, mind and spirit”. How many times have you heard this phrase?

They suggest that the body, the mind, and the spirit are all one. They react as one and are not separated in any degree.

The spirit sends the message, and we react, or we do not react according to how well we are listening. This message can come through in many different forms. They can be subliminal, event-triggered, being in the right place at the right time, a quiet voice within, dreams, intuition, meditation, etc.

The mind receives messages from the spiritual entity that is the true self. The mind evaluates what is being transmitted and formulates a belief structure that can squash or amplify the truth. Our minds translate the message with spiritual guidance if we are open to it, and we make the decisions whether to accept or reject the information.

The Spirit sends the message, the mind processes and the body reacts, acts or does nothing. The true message from spirit is always encouraging whether that be as a warning in some manner, or a way forward that offers a learning experience for evolution. Many if not all of us have had warnings of imminent danger on some level and it is our choice how to respond to the information. Likewise, a message is sent with the intension of putting us in a better place or offering an opportunity and once again we decide whether or not to push ahead or discard the information.

In some cases, because of inaction the body begins its reaction. We may get a gut reaction, literally a gut reaction that we should do this or do that. We may get nervous or feel depressed due to what we listen to and our reaction to what is being transferred. Alternatively, we can get excited or stimulated to act and often get rewarded for our actions depending on how we evaluate our actual reward.

The Body, Mind and Spirit are one and we are the initiator, the reviewer and participant of what unfolds. The more we pay attention the more we understand the connection and the more we find resolution or advancement by listening to our inner guide, the true you!

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