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There are times when it is best to advance with a cause and times when we should just take time to reflect, and/or just have time to relax and release.

When we are inspired to take action but instead sit idly by doing little or nothing, we are squandering an opportunity. If we feel somewhat motivated and keep getting signs and hints that we should do something positive, we should listen. We always have choices to make along our road of life and the worst thing we can do when we feel an urge to move ahead is to ignore the urge.

There is little to no positive significance with thinking and acting in negative terms, regardless of how real it may be. This is wasted, non-productive time. We can, with practice, switch our negative, self-defeating thoughts to thoughts and actions that will validate our beliefs in positivity and into affirmative action.

We know the way life works and by re-focusing our attention in a positive directions we enhance the potential for something favourable to begin its rise. The more that we are focused in this direction, the greater the effects. There is power in numbers (even thoughts).

There have been times in the past when we had set dates and times on a worldwide scale and focused our attention together thereby enhancing whatever the focus may have be. The problem with this is that it is short lived although powerful but may not have as great of an effect if the energies were being directed in a positive direction on a more persistent effort.

It is understood that we would have a difficult time trying to focus our attention consistently on these matters. If we spend as much time as possible, especially when we initially realize that our focus is less than productive, and redirect towards a productive outlook, the overall affect can change direction (slowly in the beginning but just keep at it).

It is up to each of us to do our part by reiterating our “knowing” and focusing on what we know will bring light into our world. Remember we are all one and the energy of many can have powerful ramifications. Let us push to bring positive change into a much-needed direction.

All together now…. let’s advance in a productive direction.

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