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If we concentrate on life’s challenges, we amplify the “challenging conditions”. On some level we need to take responsibility. This is not to say that we created the event, but we decided how we wanted to relate and respond to it.

If we try to ignore thoughts or life lesson’s, we are placing more focus there by working on ignoring them. Trying to ignore something is impossible. We need to process the information, then accept and release as this changes the course of the thought process. You will notice that I said, “the course of the thought process”, not “our” thought process. This was intentional because we are not to identify with these difficult and intrusive thoughts. They are not ours to own, even though they stem from the mind.

Eg. If you think of yourself as being stupid, this is a detrimental thought and you should not identify with it. Anything that makes you feel bad or unworthy should not be identified with. Why would you make something yours that makes you feel bad or not deserving or not enough?

Life is not to reside in these thoughts and experiences. Find the place within that makes you feel loved. Why would you want to be experiencing anything else?

Challenging life conditions are a part of life. They are lessons. Experience the challenges. They are our greatest teachers. Many of us will through example become teachers for others. They will either learn not repeat our example or they will learn from our example.

All life lessons promote growth and expansion. They teach us but again, they are not for us to own. Experience, learn and release!

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