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At any time but particularly during trying lessons, it is important to not loose focus and to hold on to what you know to be true.

What purpose does a belief or knowing have if it does not hold up during times of testing and hard lessons?

Live within the moment.

Stay true to yourself.

Recognise your connectiveness and let love be your guide.

We have experienced many life lessons prior to this time. We have learned the lessons then and there is no reason why we cannot discover the lessons to be learned now.

Personal internal strength is built over time and we can always rely on it. It does not matter what others say or think. What matters is how you choose to live…..through mindfulness or through reaction.

Our deep inner knowing will help us through all life events. We can always rely upon this knowing.

Many of us knew a shift was coming.

We are being pushed to prioritize. Where do you place importance in life?

Each of us may experience these lessons in our own personal way but we are all in this together.

Review your attitude towards the lessons at hand…..will you attitude create hardship or will it just allow change?

We are strong and resilient. Let’s learn the lessons and move forward.

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