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Take a look to see what stage you currently are experiencing in life. Do not judge. Just note the facts.

What have you learned over the past year and how has it affected you? Do you feel stronger? Are you more in touch?

The inner self is always able to withstand any external stimuli. This inner self has great resilience. At times we may believe that we are regressing in the physical world, but in reality our outer personality may be dormant as we are strengthening our inner core.

We are not referring to our higher self or soul. That foundation of who we are is permanent and can be relied upon at anytime. What we are referring to is the individual that you are building throughout the process of this life. This inner self is the outer layers of the onion, if you will, that we are currently growing. It is not the mind, as thoughts are generated through expectation or past experience, but the one that has been a spectator for all of these life experiences and is more adept at handling life’s struggles than our responsive self.

If you are currently feeling somewhat lost and life has you by the hand and is seemingly pulling you in all different directions, know that the fog will lift and the grip will release. The warmth of the light will eventually burn off the fog and you will see clearly and you will gain resilience from your experience. These trials and tribulations strengthen our resolve.... our belief in ourselves. Through these harder lessons we gain momentum and we grow. We are constantly learning through life’s experience and growth occurs through these experiences. Without life lessons, we would stagnate.

Life is full of twists and turns and we should ride the wave. Sometimes life moves along almost perfectly and other times life can be like a volcano either waiting to erupt or vigorously spewing lava. Remember these times are beneficial. Our thoughts about these experiences are what determine how we react to these events. If we focus on the hard parts of the lesson, the lesson will be extremely hard. If we focus on the benefits of the lesson, the lesson will be beneficial. The choice is ours. We can do a professional job using professional tools or we can do an amateur job and ignore the tools at hand. The more we practice with the tools available, the more precise we become using them.

Remember many of these life experiences have been put in place for our greater good and we are equipped to deal with these experiences either on our own or through asking for assistance. We are never at the mercy of life, but we are at the mercy of our thoughts. Be wary of negative thoughts. They have no real benefit. Live in the moment as much as possible. The ego mind is silence when we are there and through that silence we can focus on what is important.

Can we take a moment to remind ourselves of the blessings that are coming our way, the blessings that are bestowed on us regularly in our day-to-day lives? Pay heed to how life is good in so many different ways. Stay focused on these things so that we can draw more of the same our way.

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